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["Job Control Languages: MAXIMOP and CAFE", J. Brandon, Proc BCS Symp on Job Control Languages--Past Present and Future, NCC, Manchester, England 1974].


(1) See Internet cafe.

(2) A Java development package for Windows and the Macintosh from Symantec. It was Symantec's first development environment for Java, which was superseded by Visual Cafe. See Visual Cafe.
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Merchants Quay Ireland, which provides services to the homeless and drug users, backed the plan to provide safe injection rooms for addicts.
Safe injection rooms continue to be a controversial subject in federal government.
That says that "extra specialist cleansing resources will be allocated to such areas in order to solve the problem" and calls for the council to support "a pilot scheme of medically supervised, safe injection rooms, when the agreement of partner agencies and authorities is reached".