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see ŻagańŻagań
, Ger. Sagan, town (1991 est. pop. 27,800), Lubuskie prov., W Poland, on the Bóbr River. It has lignite mines, textile mills, and glassmaking industries. Founded in the 12th cent.
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, Poland.


1. Carl (Edward) 1934--96, US astronomer and writer on scientific subjects; presenter of the television series Cosmos (1980)
2. Françoise , original name Françoise Quoirez. 1935--2004, French writer, best-known for the novels Bonjour Tristesse (1954) and Aimez-vous Brahms? (1959)


/say'gn/ (From Carl Sagan's TV series "Cosmos") Billions and billions. A large quantity of anything.

"There's a sagan different ways to tweak Emacs." "The US Government spends sagans on bombs and welfare - hard to say which is more destructive."
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Sagan said he had not yet been served with the lawsuit and had no comment to make.
"In order to sustain our speed of product innovation, we need to see and understand every aspect of product performance as early as possible during the design process," Sagan said.
Notably absent, however, are any images with explicitly negative connotations: To judge from Sagan et al., different races interact harmoniously, mass production is free from harmful side effects, and poverty and disease are nonexistent.
Sagan has been praised for his imagination and daring, and this first novel in what promises to be a trilogy seems to bear out the assessment of the critics.
Born Francoise Quoirez in the town of Cajarc in southwest France, Sagan wrote "Bonjour Tristesse" in six weeks while a student at the Sorbonne in Paris in 1953.
Born Francoise Quoirez on June 21, 1935, in the town of Cajarc in south west France, Sagan wrote Bonjour Tristesse in six weeks while a student at the Sorbonne in Paris in 1953.
Sagan went on to ask: "If chimpanzees have consciousness, do they not have what until now has been described as `human rights'?" Well, they should, but we humans like to have it both ways.
Sagan doesn't contest the fundamental logic of nuclear deterrence.
Based on previous experience, Sagan installed Powerlogic CM-2350 circuit monitors on the mains of the plant's 13.8kV switchgear and on every 480v feeder serving the 1.2 million-sq.-ft.
Nearly fifty years after the publication of Bonjour tristesse, is Francoise Sagan yet going to make it into the canon?
Carl Sagan's first experience with reaching the masses came in the form of a co-authored book tided "Intelligent Life in the Universe" (1966).
Dawkins's subtitle calls to mind his predecessor in scientific aesthetics, Carl Sagan. Sagan taught us that science's system of law-based understanding is much more than simply valid, or useful: it is elegant, satisfying, even awe-inspiring.