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see ŻagańŻagań
, Ger. Sagan, town (1991 est. pop. 27,800), Lubuskie prov., W Poland, on the Bóbr River. It has lignite mines, textile mills, and glassmaking industries. Founded in the 12th cent.
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, Poland.
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1. Carl (Edward) 1934--96, US astronomer and writer on scientific subjects; presenter of the television series Cosmos (1980)
2. Françoise , original name Françoise Quoirez. 1935--2004, French writer, best-known for the novels Bonjour Tristesse (1954) and Aimez-vous Brahms? (1959)
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/say'gn/ (From Carl Sagan's TV series "Cosmos") Billions and billions. A large quantity of anything.

"There's a sagan different ways to tweak Emacs." "The US Government spends sagans on bombs and welfare - hard to say which is more destructive."
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