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(săg`ĭnô), city (1990 pop. 69,512), seat of Saginaw co., S Mich., on the Saginaw River, 15 mi (24 km) from its mouth on Saginaw Bay (an inlet of Lake Huron); settled 1816, inc. 1857. Situated in an extensive agricultural area, Saginaw is also a port of entry. Machinery, animal feeds, metal products, automobile parts, concrete, and electrical equipment are manufactured, and there is food processing. Nearby are salt, coal, and oil deposits. Native American trails once crossed the city's site, and local native villages were abundant. Lewis Cass negotiated a treaty there (1819) with the indigenous groups, who ceded much of Michigan to the United States. Fur trade was followed by a great pine-lumbering industry, which thrived until about 1890. Saginaw Valley State Univ. is there.


river, 22 mi (35 km) long, formed by the confluence of eight branches, SE Mich. The river drains a large area of lower Michigan and flows into Saginaw Bay (c.60 mi/100 km long and 15–25 mi/24–40 km wide), an arm of Lake Huron. Bay City, a port, is located at the bayhead near the river's mouth, and Saginaw is located upstream. Coal, pig iron, salt, and oil are transported on the river.



a city in the northern USA, in the state of Michigan. Population, 86,000(1974).

Saginaw is a port on the Saginaw River of the Lake Huron basin. It has 35,000 people employed in industry (1973), primarily in the automotive industry, in the production of industrial equipment, and in the food-processing (beet sugar and canned goods), furniture, and textile industries. Saginaw is the center of an agricultural region that grows sugar beets, beans, and fodder crops.

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The company plans to shutter its operations in Springfield and Eugene and be fully moved into the 37-acre Saginaw property in about a year, he said.
Clair contribute about 80,000 walleyes to the total annual walleye harvest (around 300,000 walleyes) in Saginaw Bay.
Saginaw Snacks, LLC is headquartered in Seymour, CT and offers high quality artisan snacks online and in retail stores including beef jerky, meat sticks, dried flavored burnt ends and other various snacks.
He attends Delta Community College but lives at Saginaw Valley.
The Saginaw office, which will be opened in the autumn, will offer a wide-array of financial services including consumer and home loans, checking accounts, investment and trust services, commercial loans, and electronic services.
The integration of the new 9-1-1 and voice radio dispatch systems with the Michigan Public Safety Communications System (MPSCS) statewide network enables greater interoperability, coverage levels and data sharing capabilities and will allow Saginaw to realize cost savings in the maintenance of their radio infrastructure.
The investment is the latest development in a growth pattern exhibited by Saginaw Metal Casting Operations since GM emerged from bankruptcy in 2009.
Up to 68 percent of children in foster care had mental health issues that needed to be addressed, said Linda Schneider, the Saginaw County Mental Health Authority director of clinical services.
GM was so intertwined with Saginaw that its minor-league hockey team, now defunct, was called the Gears.
Cleanup work could begin within a year at some points along the Tittabawassee River, which feeds into the Saginaw River.
The southern stretch of South Saginaw Street in Flint has a storied past and a brighter future.
SIR - When I read about the mapping of infant death rates in Saginaw, Michigan, I wondered why no such initiative had been carried out here in the UK.