Sagit Miftakhov

Miftakhov, Sagit Miftakhovich


Born Jan. 10 (23), 1907, in the village of Krasnyi lar, present-day Nurimanovskii Raion, Bashkir ASSR; died February 1942. Soviet Bashkir dramatist. Member of the CPSU (1925).

Miftakhov was the son of a peasant. In 1927 he graduated from the Communist University for the Workers of the East and later did party work. Miftakhov died at the front during World War II.

Miftakhov’s works first appeared in print in 1925. His plays include In the Polish Landowners’ Country (staged 1929, published 1932), The Blood of the Urals (staged 1933), and Hoboes (staged 1936, published 1944). His dramatic works deal directly with contemporary problems of Soviet society. Miftakhov’s plays Sakmar (published 1934), Friendship and Love (1939; published as a separate edition, 1940), and Daughter of the Steppes (1939; published as a separate edition, 1940) are devoted to the victory of the socialist system in the countryside. Miftakhov made a great contribution to the founding of the Bashkir State Theater of Opera and Ballet.


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