Sailing Directions

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sailing directions

[′sāl·iŋ di‚rek·shənz]
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Sailing Directions


(1) The branch of navigation concerned with the study of water basins from the standpoint of navigation conditions.

(2) The name of manuals containing a detailed description of the navigational features of water basins (coasts, bottom configu-ration, navigational hazards and warning systems, hydrological and meteorological conditions, and so on). Sailing directions provide instruction for navigating in the area described (for instance, the Black Sea Sailing Directions). They are issued by the government hydrographic establishments of the various countries.

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The Sailing Directions speak of them as hostile and treacherous.
The sailing directions record that he left it somewhere in these islands."
I read in the 'Sailing Directions' that the natives were treacherous and hostile.
Old history, the South Seas Sailing Directions, scores of remembered data and connotations swift and furious, surged through his brain.
Often they were augmented by books of sailing directions which provided additional information and more small detailed maps.
Included in its 256 pages are 100 pages of full-colour, up-to-date maps of all anchorages in the area including detailed sailing directions for yachts that sit alongside stunning full-colour photographs.
A member of Royal Northumberland Yacht Club) for 58 years, he and his brother Rodney published the RNYC Sailing Directions, an almanac for the many thousands of boats which navigate the North East coast.
Jonathan Greenert's 2015-2019 Navigation Plan defines how the Navy wall use its resources to safely and effectively pursue the vision detailed in Sailing Directions.
The program now focuses on the three tenets outlined in the CNO's Sailing Directions: (concentrate on) Warfighting First, (prepare to) Operate Forward, and (improve your skills to) Be Ready.
The strategy aligns with the Chief of Naval Operations' Sailing Directions and Navigation Plan, the Navy's Vision for Information Dominance, the Navy's Total Force Vision for the 21st Century, the Department of the Navy Human Capital Strategy and the Navy Strategy for Achieving Information Dominance.
First, we are fulfilling the tenets of the CNO's "Sailing Directions": Warfighting First, Operate Forward, and Be Ready.