Saint Lawrence

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Saint Lawrence,

one of the principal rivers of North America, 744 mi (1,197 km) long. It issues from the northeastern end of Lake Ontario and flows northeast, first along the U.S.-Canadian border, then into S Que., Canada, past Montreal and Quebec City, to the Gulf of St. Lawrence, N of Cape Gaspé. It is the outlet of the Great Lakes and together with them forms a c.2,300-mi (3,700-km) waterway from the western end of Lake Superior to the Atlantic Ocean. The river is an integral part of the Saint Lawrence SeawaySaint Lawrence Seaway,
international waterway, 2,342 mi (3,769 km) long, consisting of a system of canals, dams, and locks in the St. Lawrence River and connecting channels between the Great Lakes; opened 1959.
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 (opened 1959).

In its upper course the river cuts through a part of the Canadian Shield; there, just downstream from Lake Ontario, are the Thousand IslandsThousand Islands,
a group of more than 1,800 islands and 3,000 shoals in the St. Lawrence River, E of Lake Ontario, N N.Y. and S Ont., stretching c.50 mi (80 km) along the U.S.-Canada line. Most of the islands are in Canada; Wolfe Island, Ont.
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. Below Cornwall, Ont., the river widens into Lake St. Francis. Shortly after, it widens again into Lake St. Louis then descends through the Lachine Rapids to Montreal, head of navigation for very large oceangoing vessels. Between Sorel and Trois Rivières is Lake St. Peter. Below the city of Quebec the river is tidal. It gradually increases in width to c.90 mi (140 km) at its mouth. The river's principal tributaries are the Richelieu (linking the St. Lawrence with Lake Champlain and the Hudson River), St. Francis, Ottawa, St. Maurice, and Saguenay rivers.

The St. Lawrence River is an important source of hydroelectric power; one of the world's largest facilities is the Beauharnois power plant near Montreal. Agreements between the United States and Canada govern power distribution and navigation in the international section of the river. The river's valley is an agricultural region; potatoes, grains, hay, vegetables, and dairy cattle are raised. The most important cities and ports along the St. Lawrence are Ogdensburg, N.Y.; Kingston, Brockville, and Cornwall, Ont.; and Montreal, Sorel, Trois Rivières, Quebec City, and Lévis, Que.

Canals have been constructed around the river's rapids, making the entire river navigable; however, the upper part is unnavigable during the winter months because of ice accumulation. The many bridges that cross the St. Lawrence River include the Thousand Islands International Bridge (1938), the Roosevelt International Bridge (1934), and the Seaway Skyway Bridge (1960), all between Ontario and New York; the Victoria Bridge (remodeled 1898) at Montreal; and the Quebec Bridge (1917), near Quebec City.

Lawrence or Laurence, Saint,

d. 258, Roman deacon and martyr. According to legend he was roasted to death on a gridiron. The Latin Fathers praise him in their writings for his role in the conversion of Rome. One of the most venerated martyrs of the Roman Catholic Church. Feast: Aug. 10.

Saint Lawrence

1. a river in SE Canada, flowing northeast from Lake Ontario, forming part of the border between Canada and the US, to the Gulf of St Lawrence: commercially one of the most important rivers in the world as the easternmost link of the St Lawrence Seaway. Length: 1207 km (750 miles). Width at mouth: 145 km (90 miles)
2. Gulf of. a deep arm of the Atlantic off the E coast of Canada between Newfoundland and the mainland coasts of Quebec, New Brunswick, and Nova Scotia
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Fin whales, minkes, humpbacks, endangered belugas and the world's largest mammal, the blue whale, are some of the 13 species that can be spotted swimming in the Saint Lawrence.
Protected by laws that reserve 90 per cent of its land for agriculture, this 73 square mile island in the middle of the Saint Lawrence is a rural haven of small, family-run farms and food and drink producers such as Cassis Monna & Filles, where we stop to sample their blackcurrant wines and dine at the La Monnaguette restaurant.
"Beads and trade routes: Tracing sixteenth-century beads around the Gulf and into the Saint Lawrence Valley." In Brad Loewen and Claude Chapdelaine, eds., Contact in the 16th Century: Networks among Fishers, Farmers and Foragers in the Northeast, pp.
And in July 2017, Quebec agreed to pay nearly $50 million in compensation to companies after canceling oil and gas exploration contracts on Anticosti Island in the Gulf of Saint Lawrence. These and other payments are in addition to the hundreds of billions of dollars in subsidies that continue to flow to the fossil-fuel industry.
Activities were not confined to aircraft spotting --in one case sharp-eyed ADC members detected a suspected German spy in the Saint Lawrence area.
A few years later, when King Philip II of Spain decided to build a royal retreat in the mountains twentyeight miles northwest of Madrid near the town of Escorial, he named his retreat San Lorenzo de Escorial so as to honor the fact that the victory of the Spanish army over the forces of Henry II of France at Picardy in the year 1557 occurred on the feast of Saint Lawrence, August 10.
This past June and July, at least ten right whales--one of the most endangered species in the world--were found floating dead in the Gulf of Saint Lawrence in Canada, leaving scientists worried.
Quebec, CANADA THE Cote Nord region bordering the Saint Lawrence River is renowned for whale sightings.
It feels like a village from France has been picked up and dropped into the Saint Lawrence River Valley.
The reviewed studio CD featuring the works was completed a year following the recording of the quintets, at the Saint Lawrence Church in Prague.
Acacia Research Corporation (NASDAQ: ACTG) subsidiaries Saint Lawrence Communications LLC and Saint Lawrence Communications GmbH have entered into a patent license agreement with ZTE Corporation, the company said.
In south-west Barbados, you'll find the famous Dover Beach, right next to the ever-vibrant and lively Saint Lawrence Gap.

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