Saint Lawrence Island

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Saint Lawrence Island,

c.90 mi (145 km) long and from 8 to 22 mi (13–36 km) wide, off W Alaska, in the Bering Sea. A barren island, it is inhabited by Eskimo engaged in fishing. It was visited by Danish explorer Vitus BeringBering, Vitus Jonassen
, 1681–1741, Danish explorer in Russian employ. In 1725 he was selected by Peter I to explore far NE Siberia. Having finally moved men and supplies across Siberia, Bering in 1728 sailed N through Bering Strait but sighted no land and did not
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 on St. Lawrence's Day, 1728.
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The visitor accounts from Saint Lawrence Island, which preceded the 1948 border closing, are presented in juxtaposition to the propaganda writing of the time.
Northeast Cape on Saint Lawrence Island is a recent FUDS clean-up project.
Museum lecture presented by researcher Chris Houlette explores the history of the Saint Lawrence Island Kukulik collection, from Otto Geist's 1930s excavations to the collection's role in Arctic archaeology today.
Dumond sets three objectives for the present work: to provide detailed descriptions of the Hillside artifacts, to resolve anomalies in the chronological sequence within Old Bering Sea, and to show how the Saint Lawrence Island sites fit within a broader cultural-historical framework.