Saint Louis University

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Saint Louis University,

mainly at St. Louis, Mo.; Jesuit; coeducational; opened 1818 as an academy, became a college 1820, chartered as a university 1832. Parks College (est. 1927 as Parks College of Aeronautical Technology) in Cahokia, Ill., has been part of the university since 1946. The university's research facilities include a computer center, seismographic stations, and meteorological and geophysical laboratories. The library houses valuable copies of documents from the Vatican Library, and the university also has an outstanding collection of jewelry and gems that originally belonged to the family of Pierre Cartier.
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Established in 1836, Saint Louis University School of Medicine has the distinction of awarding the first medical degree west of the Mississippi River.
On Wednesday of National Public Health Week, the Community Health Association for Students at Saint Louis University hosted a blood drive sponsored by the American Red Cross.
Chibnall, PhD, Saint Louis University School of Medicine, Department of Psychiatry, 1221 S.
National Taiwan University Hospital, Taipei, Taiwan; ([dagger]) National Taiwan University College of Medicine, Taipei, Taiwan; ([double dagger]) National Taiwan University College of Management, Taipei, Taiwan; and ([section]) Saint Louis University, St.
Outgoing Editor Joe Weixlmann's spectacular and indefatigable service to AAR for more than 27 years has left me with a rich, eminent, rock-steady legacy, so I am grateful to have Joe on hand as both "Editor Emeritus" of AAR and Provost of Saint Louis University to provide expert counsel.
A, Rockhurst College, 1933), Philosophy (Licentiate, Saint Louis University, 1941), Theology, (Licentiate, Saint Louis University, 1948), and English (M.
He received his bachelor's degree at Saint Louis University and his master's degree at Monterey Institute of International Studies.
The Saint Louis University School of Nursing has launched a disaster preparedness certificate program for nurses wishing to learn how to handle the aftermath of a terrorist attack in the United States.
Any abnormal patterns can help investigators establish the timing of events as the shuttle entered the Earth's atmosphere on February 1, said a geophysicist at Saint Louis University in Missouri.
According to Jerome Katz, professor of management at Saint Louis University, small businesses that choose the sole proprietorship structure--and 70% of small businesses do--should revisit their decision.
Mark Noll (Wheaton College), joined by faculty from Calvin College, Central Michigan University, Michigan State University, and Saint Louis University, will discuss "The Bible and Slavery in the Era of the American Civil War" and other topics.
The decision will make it possible for more gay parents to give their children the legal stability they deserve," says the assistant professor of pediatrics at Saint Louis University.

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