Saint Mary's College

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Saint Mary's College,

at Notre Dame, Ind., near South Bend; Roman Catholic; for women; est. 1844 as St. Mary's Academy, chartered 1850 at Bertrand, Mich.; moved and chartered 1855. The school shares certain programs and facilities with the Univ. of Notre DameNotre Dame, University of
, at Notre Dame, Ind., near South Bend; Roman Catholic; coeducational; est. and opened 1842, chartered 1844. It has a noted law school and computing center as well as laboratories for research in botany, radiation, geology, metallurgy, and engineering.
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 and offers numerous opportunities for study abroad.
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Not having succeeded in becoming Canada's first English-speaking cardinal, McNally compensated with another goal, a new Saint Mary's College.
Faculty Development & Scholarship Program (2000), Saint Mary's College of California, Moraga, CA.
La double critique en page 145 a ete preparee par Teresa Heffernan de Saint Mary's University a Halifax, et non Theresa Heffernan du Saint Mary's College a Calgary.
I would also like to acknowledge and express my debt to my colleague from Saint Mary's College, theatre director and professor of theatre Rebecca Engle, who had likewise been granted an Observership from OSF.
But CORK CONSTITUTION and SAINT MARY'S COLLEGE now look set to battle it out for the fourth spot.
KAMINSKI is Associate Professor of Religious Studies at Saint Mary's College, Notre Dame, Indiana.
Fergal Campion is back in training and almost ready to add even more fire power to a Saint Mary's College squad already bristling with class.
She teaches at Saint Mary's College in Moraga, California.
degree in business administration and finance from Saint Mary's College of California.
Allen (economics, Saint Mary's College of California) analyzes financial globalization and instabilities from the 1970s onwards, describing large scale crises in developed countries and in less developed countries.
He has been an assistant coach at Long Beach State, University of San Francisco, and Saint Mary's College.
In a similar program with Chevron Energy Solutions, Saint Mary's College of California's retrofit will save it $250,000 per year in lower utility, bills.
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