Saint Marys

Saint Marys.

1 River, c.175 mi (280 km) long, rising in Okefenokee Swamp, SE Ga., and flowing, with a great southern bend, E to the Atlantic Ocean. It forms part of the Georgia–Florida line. The lower river is dredged for navigation. 2 River, 63 mi (101 km) long, flowing generally SE from Lake Superior to Lake Huron and forming part of the U.S.-Canada line. The cities of Sault Sainte Marie, Mich., and Ontario are on the river. The rapids there are circumvented by the Sault Sainte Marie Canals. The river and canal are frozen for about five months each year.
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Even in the surrounding country it was a foggy day, but there the fog was grey, whereas in London it was, at about the boundary line, dark yellow, and a little within it brown, and then browner, and then browner, until at the heart of the City-- which call Saint Mary Axe--it was rusty-black.
was not the liveliest object even in Saint Mary Axe--which is not a very lively spot--with a sobbing gaslight in the counting- house window, and a burglarious stream of fog creeping in to strangle it through the keyhole of the main door.
Almost in the act of coming out at the door, Riah went into the fog, and was lost to the eyes of Saint Mary Axe.
of Saint Mary Axe, that I am trying to make terms for an unfortunate friend with in a matter of some dishonoured bills.
Saint Mary Axe,' Fledgeby put in, as he wiped away the tears that trickled from his eyes, so rare was his enjoyment of his secret joke.
Saint Mary Axe, or of somebody: which is far from our intention.
'Is she in the house I pay rent and taxes for in Saint Mary Axe?' demanded Fledgeby.
``Well, Prior,'' said the Outlaw, ``I will detain thee no longer here than to give the Jew a quittance for the six hundred crowns at which thy ransom is fixed I accept of him for my pay-master; and if I hear that ye boggle at allowing him in his accompts the sum so paid by him, Saint Mary refuse me, an I burn not the abbey over thine head, though I hang ten years the sooner!''
! ANCHORAGE, Alaska, Muharram 27, 1435, Nov 30, 2013, SPA - A plane crash near the remote western Alaska village of Saint Marys killed four of the 10 people aboard, including an infant boy, an Alaska State Troopers spokeswoman said Saturday, according to AP.
Buckley enjoyed camping and skiing and proudly was a volunteer for the Center School in Hopkinton and taught CCD classes at Saint Marys Church, Holliston.
Andoni was a member of Saint Marys Assumption Albanian Orthodox Church.

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