Saint Valentine's Day

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Saint Valentine's Day,

Western European Christian holiday, originally the Roman feast of LupercaliaLupercalia
, ancient Roman festival held annually on Feb. 15. The ceremony of the festival was intended to secure fertility and keep out evil. Two male youths, clad in animal skin, ran around the city slapping passersby with strips of goat skin.
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. It was christianized in memory of the martyrdom of St. Valentine in A.D. 270, who, in medieval times, came to be associated with the union of lovers under conditions of duress. The holiday is celebrated on Feb. 14th by the exchange of romantic or comic verse messages called "valentines." The first commercial valentine greeting cards produced in the United States were created in the 1840s by Esther A. Howland. Today millions of such cards are sold annually.
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In his study of carnival in the play, Richard Wilson writes that the date of Lupercal (14 February, Saint Valentine's Day) was also the approximate date of Shrove Tuesday, the same day that Dekker designates as the shoemakers' holiday.
YOU can say it with flowers on Saint Valentine's Day - but you'd better be careful you don't send the wrong message.
CREATION artist Edward Ball celebrated Saint Valentine's Day by bringing love to hundreds of people.
"After four years away from Egypt, I was surprised to see signs of Saint Valentine's Day on every street corner," said Nourhan Abdelrahim, who was surprised that, after a year of turmoil and revolutionary changes, Egypt should celebrate Saint Valentine's Day with such enthusiasm.
Saint Valentine's Day, commonly shortened to Valentine's Day, is an annual commemoration held on February 14 celebrating love and affection between intimate companions.
In recent years, Trifon Zarezan coincides with Saint Valentine's Day - a holiday largely unknown in Bulgaria during the Communism, but acquiring greater and greater popularity.
HUBBARDSTON - In the children's room at the library in town are two marble sculptures of children, one titled "Christmas Morning" and the other, "Saint Valentine's Day."
The "Saint Valentine's Day" sculpture was donated to the library by Thomas Ball Grimes, nephew of the sculptor, Thomas Ball.
Also Santes Dwynwen's and Saint Valentine's Day are once again celebrated with a display of delicate hearts, poetic lines and stunning colours in work by students at the School of Glass, University of Wales Trinity St David (from tomorrow until May 11) Swansea Your Story celebrates the 175th anniversary of the birth of photography by displaying a selection of images of Swansea's past @ Swansea Grand Theatre until February 7 A Sense Of Place features the work of five artists who are currently studying on the new MA course at University of Wales, Trinity Saint David, Carmarthen @ Elysium Gallery, College Street until February 8 David Wilson @ New Leaf Gallery, Monmouth
THIS was a Saint Valentine's Day massacre that turned into a memorable comeback for Mayo.
Fittingly on Saint Valentine's Day last year, Terry began the mammoth task of restoring the cottage.
IT may have been Saint Valentine's Day, but Mick McCarthy has admitted he no longer knows who is the No1 person in his life!

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