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see SacajaweaSacajawea
, Sacagawea
, or Sakakawea
, c.1788–1812?, Native North American woman who accompanied the Lewis and Clark expedition, the only woman in the party.
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Through two centuries more of battles sanguine or coldly political, Americans held up Captains Lewis and Clark, and faithful Sakakawea, as models of perseverance against great odds.
In addition, the Club and its partners have proposed that the Little Missouri River, which runs 350 miles from the South Dakota border through the Badlands to Lake Sakakawea, be declared a national wild-and-scenic river, along with the shorter Pembina River in the northeastern part of the state.
In 2011, WPX opened local offices in New Town and Minot and helped launch an industry cooperative to protect Lake Sakakawea.
Army Crops lands around reservoirs like Sakakawea and Oahe.
Following the senators efforts, Reclamation signed the Record of Decision for its preferred alternative in 2015, which uses Lake Sakakawea as the primary water supply.
Reservoirs like Sakakawea also can be fantastic in late July through early September.
There are tens of thousands of acres of public hunting land along each side of the Missouri River system from the Sakakawea Dam to Bismarck.
pipeline project that crosses under Lake Sakakawea.
The Garrison Dam and lands around the shoreline of Sakakawea are owned and operated by the U.
Fort Berthold Indian Reservation, originally situated at Elbowoods, North Dakota was significantly reduced in size when, in 1953, the area was flooded by the Garrison Dam to form Lake Sakakawea, and its new location is at New Town.
The manmade structure stifles current to generate power and, as a result of the damming, forms a reservoir: Lake Sakakawea.
Over 380 miles of the Finger Lakes Trail is on the proposed route of the 3,200-mile North Country National Scenic Trail that connects the Crown Point State Historic Site on Lake Champlain to Lake Sakakawea State Park on the Missouri River in North Dakota.