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, island, 206 sq mi (534 sq km), a province of Thailand, in the Andaman Sea, off the west coast of the Malay Peninsula. The town of Phuket is the capital. Flat, with isolated hills, the island was one of Thailand's chief tin-mining regions, but now resort tourism is the
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, Thailand.
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Milhasan Suraping, a student of the Paliisan Elementary School his brother Lokan, 12, and sister Marlina, 15, were in a boat on their way home to Sitio Tagpanasan, Barangay Salang, Balabac, Palawan when a crocodile dragged him into the water.
Ronabel Salang's service error gave set three to the Lady Generals, 25-15.
Meanwhile, Parti Rakyat Sarawak (PRS) deputy president and former Julau Member of Parliament Datuk Joseph Salang said he will not be surprised if many PRS members have been registered as PKR members without their knowledge.
Alfie Salang, police chief of Lemery town, said policemen took videos and photos of the moviegoers shortly before the screening of a romantic flick at a shopping mall on Wednesday afternoon.
The Salang Pass hasn't been sustainably paved in decades.Today, it is virtually impossible to safely traverse the pass as a result of both natural hazards and negligent construction.
The groundbreaking (Salang Tendrel) ceremony of the second IT Park building was held on Wednesday.
The Salang pass north of Kabul and the Kabul-Kandahar highway were affected intensively by the heavy snowfall and avalanches. 
The line was originally set to pass through Bamyan, a largely Hazara province, but the government decided to reroute it through the mountainous Salang pass north of Kabul, saying the shorter route would expedite the project and save millions of dollars in costs.
Kabul -- Afghan President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani announced Tuesday that Salang was chosen as the best route for the Turkmenistan-Uzbekistan-Tajikistan-Afghanistan-Pakistan (TUTAP) power transmission line based on development and economic rationality.
We, the people of Bamyan and the central areas of Afghanistan understand that such a decision is irrational and in contrary of national interests of the country in the following ways: 1- Transferring the electricity cable through the Salang pass, as the new proposal intends, will result in fewer economic benefits in the short and long term.
According to information from Breshna, the public electricity company, the transmission line would enter Kabul through the Salang Pass and extend to Kandahar before crossing into Pakistan.