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You used transcripts of the Salem witch trials to inform the Mender's trial, but you ended up editing much of that out.
Tanghalang Pilipino's 'Ang Pag-uusig,' a Filipino translation of Arthur Miller's 'The Crucible,' addressed the matter head-on with its scathing and too-close-for-comfort rendition of the Salem witch trials.
1692-93: At the Salem witch trials, "afflicted" young girls feign demonic possession.
Although many physicians believed otherwise during the era of the Salem Witch Trials, which saw hundreds of thousands of women murdered on the basis of witchcraft, "the general public probably saw witches and demons as having a greater role" in epilepsy, the foundation says.
IEm thinking of the many innocent women who needlessly suffered and were killed during Salem Witch Trials.
From the Salem Witch trials to Shirley MacLaine, this illustrated two-volume reference for high school and up examines women who influenced American religion, focusing on the 19th, 20th, and 21st centuries.
Abram Van Engen moves through, most notably, John Winthrop's Model of Christian Charity, the material collected by David Hall in The Antinomian Controversy 1636-1638: A Documentary History, Anne Bradstreet's "Dialogue between Old England and New," William Hooke's New Englands Teares for Old England's Feares, the "Eliot Tracts" produced to support Native American missions, Mary Rowlandson's captivity narrative, and the records of the Salem witch trials.
3) The novel centers on the historical figure of a slave woman, Tituba, who was one of the first to be accused in the Salem Witch Trials.
The tales recounted include a troubled red-cloaked girl living during the Salem witch trials, life-saving gold spinning, a conniving troll during World War II, and a high school student's transformation from an undersized ugly duckling into a hunky football player.
With the barest of staging, van Hove puts full emphasis on Miller's story of the real-life Salem witch trials of 1690s and the lying and hysteria that turned neighbor against neighbor in a wave of religious judgment.
Just as witches were not to blame for the Salem witch trials, and just as vaccines are not to blame for the negative results of the anti-vaccine movement, campus carry is not to blame for the current atmosphere of fear on Texas college campuses," the group said.
THE CRUCIBLE Arthur Miller's Salem witch trials drama is every bit as relevant today as it ever was.