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group of Germanic tribes. By the 3d cent. A.D., they were settled along the lower and middle Rhine. The two major divisions were the Salian Franks in the north and the Ripuarian Franks in the south.
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Salian says one of the biggest changes in the MEP sector has been the drive towards ensuring projects are delivered sustainably, with contractors needing to adapt to this change.
The Attorney General has been given a week's time by the court to file a counter affidavit on behalf of the government and the agency on the Public Interest Litigation which has alleged that government was exerting pressure on the Special Public Prosecutor Salian to " go soft" on the accused.
Conrad II, Wolfram's subject, was the founder of the Salian dynasty, a royal house whose involvement in the Investiture Struggle has typically lent an undertone of failure, even tragedy to its history.
1024-39) with the aim of, for example, using it as a reference tool to determine the first Salian emperor's activities in the spring of 1032 will almost certainly find themselves placing the book back on the shelf and shaking their head in puzzlement.
She first acquaints her readers with the original laws of the Salian Franks, which said nothing about women being excluded from ruling, and did not exclude them from landholding either.
Prosecutor Rohini Salian had sought the maximum penalty of seven years for Shah, saying it 'would serve as a lesson' for criminal elements in the movies
After the Huns moved on, the Alemanni briefly took over Alsace until they were displaced by another German tribe, the Salian Franks.
Salian John, was field sales manager and had been with Redrow for seven years, initially as a sales consultant.
Redrow's field sales manager for South Wales, Salian John, said, "We had an idea that Parc Victoria would be a popular development but we could never have imagined it would receive this much interest.