Qur'anic non-biblical prophet, sent to the people of Thamud in Arabia. His call for monotheism is said to have been met with scorn and rejection. Having killed a camel sent as a sign by God, the Thamud people were subjected to a devastating storm. Recent archaeological findings have located Thamud in NW Saudi Arabia.
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Born in a village in northern Sudan in 1929, Salih studied in Britain where he went on to work for the BBC's Arabic service as well as for the UN's cultural organization UNESCO in Paris.
Rescuers were sifting through the rubble of Wednesday's blast for survivors when the attacker blew up next to Nineveh province police director, Brigadier-General Salih Mohammed Hasan Atiya Al Jubouri, the US military and Iraqi officials said.
He said the irony of the case was that Hiwa Ismail Salih had met with violence in Wolverhampton after seeking safety from the troubles in his home country.
Deputy PM Barham Salih says uncontrolled levels of corruption in Iraq are fuelling the country's sectarian conflict and creating a "political economy" of violence.
Iraq's deputy prime minister Barham Salih rallied to the defence of Tony Blair, hailing his courage in liberating the country from Saddam Hussein's 'evil tyranny'.
Salih was a printer, a longtime unionist, a veteran of Saddam's prisons and a political activist who, from exile, sought the end of that regime.
Iraqi Deputy Prime Minister Barham Salih and British Foreign Secretary Jack Straw reiterated in a joint press conference Tuesday that there is every intention for the Iraqi elections to go ahead on Jan.
Gokhan Avcioglu, Haluk Sezgin (principal architects), Phillipe Robert, Durmus Dilekci, Salih Kucuktuna, Ozlem Ercil, Kerem Turker
My name is Amer Salih, I spent my childhood in Newcastle from 1981-1986.
in the largest procurement of Japanese cars since the 1990 Persian Gulf crisis, Trade Minister Muhammad Mahdi Salih said Wednesday.
Sami Salih said the dictator would order a woman to be shot if she did not satisfy him.
I don't know what they've done, but the same people are hanging around here,'' Khalid Salih, who owns Cig Store No.