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An instrument that measures water salinity by means of electrical conductivity or by a hydrometer calibrated to give percentage of salt directly.



an instrument for determining the salt content in water by measuring electrical conductivity through the methods of conductometric analysis. In energetics, salinometers are used to determine salt content in feedwater and boiler water, as well as in the steam condensate. On ships, salinometers are used to measure the salinity of seawater.

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1[degrees]C precision) and salinity with a Beckman Induction Salinometer (0.
Tenders are invited for At Present A Requirement Exists For The Supply Of A High Precision Benchtop Portable Salinometer To The Marine Institute Facility In Galway.
Each year we placed an S-4 current meter with recording thermometer and salinometer on a mooring near the seafloor to determine if changes in current, salinity, or temperature affected fish movement.