Ruysdael, Salomon van

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Ruysdael, Salomon van


Born in 1600 or 1603 in Naarden, North Holland; buried Nov. 3, 1670, in Haarlem. Dutch landscape painter.

Ruysdael’s early work was similar to that of E. van de Velde. In the 1630’s, Ruysdael painted in a style reminiscent of J. van Goyen, producing silvery gray landscapes with vast, cloud-filled skies. His mature landscapes, from the 1640’s, represent valleys, rivers with cities on their banks, and rural areas with glimpses of houses through the trees. They are noted for their varied palette, based on a combination of brown, reddish yellow, and green hues.


Stechow, W. Salomon van Ruysdael. Berlin, 1938.
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