Salsette Island

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Salsette Island,

India: see MumbaiMumbai
, formerly Bombay
, city (1991 pop. 3,175,000), capital of Maharashtra state, W central India, occupying c.25 sq mi (65 sq km) on Mumbai (Bombay) and Salsette islands on the Arabian Sea coast. Mumbai Island was created in the 19th cent.
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El 11 de abril de 1810, con sus jovenes 22 anos, George Gordon Byron (1788-1824) se embarco en Esmirna en la fragata britanica HMS Salsette procedente de la India y con destino final en Estambul.
India's largest integrated power utility, Tata Power, has installed a rain water harvesting plant (RWH) at Salsette division.
Examining aspects of land, class and community, and the apartment building, the book describes the formation of the Bombay City Improvement Trust in the aftermath of the plague epidemic of 1896 and the subsequent genesis of the suburban vision, the formation of Bombay's new lower-middle class and the emergence of Dadar-Matunga as a lower-middle-class suburb in the 1920s and 30s, the rise and spread of the apartment building as a distinctive dwelling type during the period, the emergence of new forms of metacaste identities like the South Indian in these suburbs, and the suburbanization of Salsette Island and its annexation to the Bombay municipal limits in the late 1950s.
They were scattered across the Salsette island (Bombay) including Bandra, Kurla, Thane and Bhayander.
Several low-lying islands, the site of small fishing villages, reached out from the mainland towards the sea (2) Under the control of colonial powers, however, Mumbai began to grow as a metropolis, (3) taking in Bombay and Salsette Islands, and then spreading out into a suburban area on the mainland, simultaneously reclaiming land from the mangroves and the sea.
The Salsette Campaign of 1658-1659: Issues of War and Peace in Bijapuri-Portuguese Relations during the Mid-17th Century.
16) And so, while he was in our house, the following articles were offered him, to wit: a Reliquary of gilt copper went to our Father Superior by our Reverend Father General; a four-barreled pistol (de quatre canos), made in Salsette, and worth ten Xes, (17) an Ambre piela, (18) which I went to buy with Bro.
Under number 67 he notes, "There are long benches cut along either of the side walls of the open court from which one can enjoy a panoramic view of the Salsette Coast and the sea beyond.
After honeymooning in Bombay they are working on the Salsette which is sailing to the Aden Protectorate.
Swinton, also described the cruelties and sufferings of East Indians during their transport on the Salsette.
Ruskin's Newdigate Prize poem at Oxford had been about Romantic ruins (those at Salsette and Elephanta in India).
The province of Salsete (also spelt Salsette and Salcete), is across the river from Goa.