Salt Lake

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salt lake

[′sȯlt ‚lāk]
A confined inland body of water having a high concentration of salts, principally sodium chloride.

Salt Lake


in the broad sense, a body of water that is perceptibly salty to the taste (mineralization in excess of 1 g/kg) and therefore unfit for drinking.

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The Hilton Salt Lake City, a 288-room full service hotel located two miles from the Salt Lake City International Airport, 10 minutes from downtown Salt Lake City and immediately adjacent to Interstate 80 and the Salt Lake International Center.
Scott Baxter, owner of Great Salt Lake Adventures, located 20 minutes south of Ogden, puts it bluntly.
Real Salt Lake goalie Scott Garlick came out to challenge Enfield for the ball.
announced it is providing its industry-leading market information to commercial real estate professionals in Salt Lake City and has signed top commercial real estate brokerage firms as subscribers.
In developing curriculum for a Salt Lake City, Utah High School's Advance Placement--Environmental Studies class, one goal was a module on air quality/air pollution.
Hispanic activists and several religious leaders in Salt Lake City are more than a little upset about the mayor's choice for the city's new minority affairs coordinator.
For those who decide to participate in the pre- and post-tours, you will be able to partake in a range of special Salt Lake area activities.
Having just hosted the ultimate meeting, Salt Lake City is primed for great numbers.
of Salt Lake City, Utah, was at a local car wash when he noticed something with a silver hue protruding from a nearby garbage can.
Initially, the church said it would remove the street and build a landscaped park that would "bring a little bit of Paris to Salt Lake," complete with reflecting pool.
In addition, commenters claim that the merger would have substantial anticompetitive effects in the Salt Lake market, in other portions of Utah, and in other states.
More and more Utah law enforcement officers are college-bound as part of a new venture between Salt Lake Community College (SLCC) and a number of Utah police departments.