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in ancient Rome, a large tract of forest, pasture, and virgin soil on state land leased to private individuals; a saltus had an area of 5,000 jugers or more (1 juger equals approximately 2,500 m2). The leasing of salti became especially widespread in the provinces—primarily in Africa—during the imperial period; many salti belonged to the emperor. Large domains, the equivalent of latifundia, were later also called salti. Parts of the salti were cultivated by slaves and parts were turned over to major proprietors (conductores), who sublet small plots to coloni (indigenous commune peasants, slaves, and freedmen). According to a law enacted under Emperor Hadrian (second century), lessees of neglected lands of the emperor’s salti were given rights and privileges nearly equal to those of owners. The salti of the emperors and senators did not belong to city territories and were not subject to taxes; their populations were not under the jurisdiction of the city magistrates—the so-called exempt salti—which made the coloni of these salti more dependent on the landowners.


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En contraste con lo que precede, de acuerdo con la idea del mismo Mandelbrot, es que los fractales trabajan, abierta o tacitamente, sobre sistemas continuos, natura non facit saltus; quiero sostener que los sistemas, fenomenos y comportamientos complejos tienen en su base matematicas discretas.
Estas habrian sido al menos parte de las practicas rituales que pudieron desarrollarse en el lugar liminal o saltus de la Umbria de Salchite.
"Most of our market already had telephone and Internet, so we wanted to get more TV customers away from the satellite companies," Saltus said.
Consequently, in each type of neoplasm, the inconstant occurrence of the diagnostic features and their possible variable expressivity do not tend to produce 2 sharply distinct classes of lesions, but rather a morphologic spectrum (natura non facit saltus).
(17) Suele hacerse referencia a la inspiracion botanica de dicho diagrama, pero conviene no perder de vista que en cambio la composicion del mismo resuena asimismo la secuencia clasica: domus-hortus-ager-saltus-silva, mediante la que se representaba la organizacion arquetipica de la sociedad campesina europea (donde ager se refiere al espacio del cultivo, saltus al espacio del pastoreo y silva al espacio forestal).
The new addition to the company's executive team is David Saltus. Saltus started with the company as an Account Manager, learning the business from the ground up starting with the client sales process.
McNamara attributed his handling of the big stage nerves to caddie Bryan Saltus: "It was really hard to calm down heading into this tournament.
11, 2012, "Dana-Farber Cancer Institute Communications" by Richard Saltus,
The framework has been used to evaluate culturally competent knowledge development (Mendias & Guevara, 2001), culturally specific measurements (Im, Meleis, & Lee, 1999), and the evaluation of the rigor and credibility of research with diverse populations (Jacobson, Chu, Pascucci, & Gaskins, 2005; Mill & Ogilvie, 2003; Saltus, 2006).
It's to be noted that Saltus Jordan, specialized in organizing conferences and exhibitions, is considered the Exclusive Marketer for this event through hosting "Foundation Prince Jamal Al Noaimi International", the important representative for the Libyan Transitional Council, which supports and helps the Libyans hugely through logistic support especially during this sensitive period full of social and human disasters in Libya.
Bill Saltus, head of Hedge Fund Technology Consulting, at Citi Prime Finance, said, 'The allocation of more expenses to the fund, rather than to the management company, can be considered a premium that investors pay to access these managers and reflects the ability of the largest funds to absorb these expenses without significantly affecting performance.'
"The survey results indicate that there are multiple vendors and outsourced service providers offering solutions for core functions such as portfolio management and trading," said Bill Saltus, Head of Hedge Fund Technology Consulting at Citi Prime Finance.