Salt Lake

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salt lake

[′sȯlt ‚lāk]
A confined inland body of water having a high concentration of salts, principally sodium chloride.

Salt Lake


in the broad sense, a body of water that is perceptibly salty to the taste (mineralization in excess of 1 g/kg) and therefore unfit for drinking.

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Tragumna beach is just a 15-minute cycle ride away, while Lough Hyne - Europe's only saltwater lake - is a reasonably short drive.
Confused why a shark would be at large in the saltwater lake, the undergraduates discover they have no cell phone reception so have no way to call for help.
Pollution has also hit stocks in the previously important inland fishery of saltwater Lake Azuei, the Caribbean's second largest lake.
The world's lowest elevation is the Dead Sea (1,365 ft below sea level), a saltwater lake on the Jordan-Israel border.
LAKESIDE: Gwyn Welsby with son Daniel in the Mar Menor saltwater lake in Murcia, Spain; DIVING IN: David Bear in Mauritius; AFRICAN ADVENTURE: From left, Meghan and Jordan Priday, Katie Davies, Jake and Ieuan Priday, in Tunisia; SUNNY DELIGHT: Luke and Laura Burnett in Cyprus
It was well worth the effort as the panoramic views were simply stunning, and within the island there is a landlocked saltwater lake, which is a beautiful deep blue colour.
It is called a brackish lake and the second largest saltwater lake in the United States (the first being the Great Salt Lake in Utah).
The Salton Sea, a 360-square mile saltwater lake in Southern California's Imperial Valley, was created by a disaster-a Colorado River flood nearly a century ago-and it seems to have been shadowed by misfortune ever since.
Included in the High Country Passage tour is air fare from Miami, lodgings, breakfast and dinner daily, plus a visit to the desert sanctuary at Goto Meer saltwater lake.
In its prime, it was the second largest saltwater lake in the world.
The dolphins have been granted permission to be transferred to an artificial saltwater lake in Sahl Hasheesh where they will spend their remaining quarantine time of two months before being released back into their natural habitat.
The city of Tenochtitlan, the Aztec capital that lies beneath the modern Mexico City, was founded on an island in the middle of a saltwater lake.