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the main population of El Salvador. The country’s total population is 3.9 million (1973, estimate). Their language is Spanish. The believers are mainly Catholics.

Most Salvadorans are mestizos, the products of mixing of the Spanish colonizers in the 16th to 18th centuries with the native Indians and, to a lesser degree, Negroes. The Indians, who are insignificant in number but who have retained their ethnic sep-arateness and languages, live in the western and central regions of the country (the Pipil) and in the northeast (the Lenca). Most Salvadorans are engaged in agriculture (small peasants, hired farmhands, and agricultural workers on coffee plantations).


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born children of Salvadoran temporary protected status recipients, who could either remain behind without their parents or return with them to a dangerous country.
Rather than drop Salvadorans from the TPS ranks in March, when the current visas expire, the Trump administration agreed to extend it one last time--until September of 2019--to "allow for an orderly transition.
For a decade, I volunteered regularly as a doctor on a Salvadoran island.
President Trumps decision to end TPS for Salvadoran nationals will bring 5,700 Nevadans at risk of deportation.
Salvadorans in the United States who benefited from TPS may still receive other protections under our immigration system for which they are eligible," said a Department of Homeland Security statement.
Over the past decade, growing numbers of Salvadorans many coming as families or unaccompanied children have entered the United States illegally through Mexico, fleeing violence and poverty.
They accused the administration of not only potentially separating thousands of parents from their children but also of forcing the Salvadorans to return to a county that's been considered one of the most violent in the world for several years.
Martinez said that if the TPS is cancelled, then for the Salvadorans, "this would mean breaking up families that are in the United States.
The Salvadoran government made some advances to the reform of its correctional institutions in 2016.
Vancouver-based Pacific Rim Mining first declared its intention to sue in April 2009, after outgoing Salvadoran President Antonio Saca declared that he would not issue any new mine permits until a strategic environmental assessment could be undertaken to assess the viability of mining in the country, the most densely populated in all of Latin America and largely dependent on a single watershed.
Families need not venture far or spend long in the country to learn that Salvadorans genuinely love children.
It is logical that Honduras is attracting more investment and that it wants to conquer the Salvadoran companies as it is offering as a model similar to that of Hong Kong, where the laws do not contain so much red tape for businesses," said Arnoldo Jimenez, executive director of the National Association of Private Enterprise in El Salvador.