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As per the decisions, 28 persons accused of the notorious gold smuggling case including Sanjaya Bahadur Raut, Tularam Tharu, Ram Kumar Tiwari, Govinda Prasad Niraula, Rajan Thapa, Gopal Kumar Shrestha, Hemanta Gautam, Sambir Prasad Tolange, Madan Silwal, Amarman Dangol and Bal Krishna Shrestha would be kept in custody.
The Moravian Gate probably served as a corridor for population extension into southern Poland and then eastwards to the Polish Sandomierz Basin (Banaszek & Ziomek 2012) as well as Lvov and Sambir region in Ukraine.
According to local authorities, as reported by Xinhua, the accident occurred at 1 pm (local time), when two cars coming from opposite directions, collided with each other in a regional highway, near Sambir town in Lviv Oblast.
The analysis has revealed that there are 22 such towns: Berestechko, Volodymyr-Volyn, Lyuboml (Volyn region), Ostrog, Dubno (Rivne region), Bar (Vinnycja region), Novgorod-Siverskyi (Chernigiv region), Kremenets, Terebovlia, Berezhany, Buchach (Ternopil region), Rohatyn, Halych (IvanoFrankivsk region), Brody, Zhovkva, Rava-Ruska, Sokal, Belz, Sambir, Busk, Komarno, Zolochiv (Lviv region).
To begin with, the paratextual delights include not only Conrad's change of title from "Two Vagabonds" to An Outcast of the Islands (at the beginning of Part II), but also occasional variants on this title in the running-heads as he identifies the work as "An Outcast of Sambir." Conrad's marginalia and instructions to his typist allow one to chart the gradual distribution of the chapters of the text into Parts, as the manuscript--providing the template for Conrad's writing career--developed from a short work, initially conceived as "twenty to twenty-five pages" (Letters, I, 171), into a novel of 110,000 words.
The blood cockles Anadara granosa were collected during May 14 from four sites of Sabang River, namely, Kampung Sambir, Kampung Tambirat, Beliong Temple, and Kampung Tanjung Apong, which are located at Asajaya, Sarawak, Malaysia, as shown in Figure 1.
KIEV, Ukraine -- Furious over President Viktor Yanukovych's decision to scrap political and trade accords with Europe, Mykola Nomonko shut his auto parts store in the western city of Staryi Sambir, piled his five employees into a minibus and drove to the capital, Kiev, to protest.
The Coadjutor Bishop of Sambir explained that "young men are attracted to the priesthood because of the examples they see of living a challenging vocation" He gave, as an example, the life of Blessed Omelian Kovch, a Ukrainian diocesan priest who remained with Jewish prisoners in a concentration camp in Poland and was killed there with them in 1944.
Sambir (fictional name of Berau, a village on the island of Borneo), in the region called Kalimantan in Indonesia, a nation of myriad islands where sources of conflict abound.
The Embassy tracked developments in religious freedom and cultural heritage preservation court cases involving anti-Semitism, including the Sambir and Volodymyr-Volynsky Jewish cemetery cases, and followed closely the rise in anti-Semitic incidents in Dnipropetrovsk and cases involving discrimination against Tatars in Crimea.