South Korea: see SamcheokSamcheok
or Samchok
, city (1995 pop. 83,815), Gangwon (Kangwon) prov., E South Korea, a port on the Sea of Japan (or East Sea). It is a large industrial center in the heart of a rich coal and iron-ore mining area.
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Doyle finalized plans for lifting the ROK I Corps from Hungnam to Samchok, as requested by X Corps.
MacArthur supported Walker in this and proposed "upon the assembly of the X Corps within a defended beachhead area, to evacuate it by water to Pusan or some place on the southeast coast of Korea, possibly in the vicinity of Samchok, where the X Corps would be landed and united with the 8th Army.
North Korean troops occupied his parish of Samchok, on the coast two days before his execution.
When Shakabpa was leaving Dharamsla for Kalimpong, I requested him to ask Kungo Ngoshi Thupten Samchok, who served as the steward of the two acting-prime ministers, about his experience, and send the information to me.
Plans were also developed to lift a Korean corps from Hungnam to Samchok. Originally, X Corps estimated that only 12,000 troops, a few vehicles, and three ships would be committed.
This CCC is operated by two private South Korean companies, Samchok Consolidated Mining Co.