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Navigators' Islands:

see SamoaSamoa,
chain of volcanic islands in the South Pacific, comprising the independent nation of Samoa (formerly Western Samoa), and E of long. 171° W, the islands of American Samoa, under U.S. control. The Samoan islands extend c.350 mi (560 km), with a total land area of c.
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The Samoan islands are part of Polynesia, a rectangular Pacific area bounded by Hawaii, New Zealand and Easter Island.
The Samoan islands support 101 orchid species in 47 genera; of these, 15 species but no genera are endemic (Cribb and Whistler, 1996; Cribb and Ormerod, 2000).
Migrants from Southeast Asia arrived in the Samoan islands more than 2,000 years ago and from there settled the rest of Polynesia further to the east.
Nasa's UARS satellite crashed back to Earth in a remote region of the Pacific Ocean, north-east of the Samoan Islands on September 24.
Reproductive Biology of the lizards on the American Samoan Islands. Occas.
Recipients will also include the Archdiocese of Military Services, as well as dioceses in Puerto Rico and the Samoan Islands.
The deadly tsunami that struck the Samoan islands and other parts of the Pacific in late September towered up to 14 metres high, or about the height of a four-storey building, scientists have found.
the Samoan Islands were jolted by a magnitude 8.0 earthquake, which generated a tsunami that killed close to 200.
And yet, recently, Duck players organized a relief effort for the Samoan Islands' tsunami victims.
From a typhoon in the Philippines, a tsunami in the Samoan Islands, an earthquake in Indonesia and a drought in India - all have resulted in the displacement of populations, the destruction to property and heavy loss of life.