Samuel Abraham Goudsmit

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Goudsmit, Samuel Abraham


Born July 11, 1902, in The Hague. American physicist.

Goudsmit studied at the universities of Leiden and Amsterdam. From 1927 to 1946 he taught at the University of Michigan (from 1932 as a professor). He worked at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology from 1941 to 1944 and was a professor at Northwestern University from 1946 to 1948. Since 1948 he has been working at Brookhaven National Laboratories. Goudsmit formulated a concept of electron spin in 1925 with G. E. Uhlenbeck.


The Structure of Line Spectra. New York, 1930. (With L. Pauling.) Atomic Energy-States as Derived From the Analysis of the Line Spectra. New York, 1932. (With R. F. Bacher.)