Samuel Cooper

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Cooper, Samuel


Born in 1609 in London; died there May 5, 1672. English painter.

Samuel Cooper worked in London, in France at the court of Louis XIV, and in Holland. The most eminent English master of realist miniature portraiture, he created psychological portraits that were strikingly dynamic—for example, those of Oliver Cromwell and other leaders of the English Bourgeois Revolution of the 17th century. Cooper’s portraits executed during the Restoration of the Stuarts are marked by boldness, truthfulness, and insight.


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The majority of those represented were specialists in miniatures, such as Benjamin Arlaud, Samuel Blesendorf, Charles Boit, Samuel Cooper, Perpete Evrard, John Hoskins, brothers Jean-Pierre and Amy Huaud, Karl Gustav Klingstedt, Niklas Lafrensen the Elder, David Le Clerc, Peter Paul Lens, Jean-Baptiste Masse, Jean Petitot, Paul Prieur, brothers Christian and David Richter, Henri Toutin, and Christian Friedrich Zincke.
Samuel Cooper, a former Methodist clergyman, moved his family to St.
Samuel Cooper, 27, attacked the woman in her bed, damaging her shoulders and inflicting cuts.
It's inscribed: o my friend, Speaker Lenthall, for Amitie's Sake, Charles R.'The piece was quired by the Library in the late 1960s from one of Lenthall's descendants, ng with an accompanying miniature portrait of him by Samuel Cooper and rs from Charles II, dated 1660, granting Lenthall a pardon.
Mary Young's father is shown as Samuel Cooper Young, who by the time of the wedding was deceased.
Oliver Cromwell, rebelling against the way Van Dyck idealised Charles I by planting him astride a huge stallion whose flowing black mane echoed the king's own lush tresses, and in a painting so tall that the monarch looms down magisterially on the viewer, told artist Samuel Cooper to make sure that he captured him "warts and all".
"In his stead there were a number of commanders, including Samuel Cooper and Branxton Bragg," he writes.
Therefore, as the pace of war quickened, General Samuel Cooper, the Confederacy's Adjutant General in Richmond, Virginia, was advised that Fort Twiggs, in its state of construction, could not be defended.
THE Windsor, on Cannon Street, in Birmingham city centre, has recently celebrated its reopening as a Samuel Cooper Free House offering customers exactly what they want from their local - great tasting food at fantastic prices.
In painting, the mantle of Van Dyck fell upon William Dobson, Robert Walker and Samuel Cooper, none of whom lacked for patrons during the years of Puritan dominance.
Among many other exhibits (for instance, the original portrait of Oliver Cromwell by miniaturist Samuel Cooper which is believed to have introduced the phrase "warts and all") it was able to buy two Canalettos threatened with export for pounds 6 million without help from the funds museums usually turn to in these circumstances.
Symbolic of the overall problem was the feckless Samuel Cooper, the highest ranking general in the Confederate army.