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an urban-type settlement in Tomsk Raion, Tomsk Oblast, RSFSR. A landing on the right bank of the Tom’, 38 km north of Tomsk, Samus’ has a shipyard.

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The name itself, "Metroid" was coined as a combination of the words 'Metro' and 'Android', to represent the very robot-like Samus Aran.
Not if Samus can help it though, what's the point of having a power suit if ya ain't gonna use it, right?
Zero Suit SamusThere have been many Metroid titles over the years and Samus has made an appearance in many Nintendo crossover games.
Ridley also happens to be the same Space Pirate who lead the raid that killed young Samus Aran's parents; so it's personal.
In this game Samus visits the Metroid home planet to investigate why the Metroid population was growing uncontrollably.
It was also the first Metroid game where Samus was voiced, if you can call grunts voice acting.
A case study employing qualitative methods was conducted between 2010 and 2012 based on the analysis of emergency care legislation and documents from the three spheres of government, visits to emergency call centers in the State of Rio de Janeiro, and 12 semistructured interviews with all acting state and regional coordinators during the period: three state emergency care coordinators, and nine coordinators of the six SAMUs that were in operation during the study period.
The results are presented in the following categories: the SAMU implementation process and its political and institutional context; coordination of SAMU activities with other services; management of the SAMUs.
The State of Rio de Janeiro's SAMU was implemented in two stages: the first between 2004 and 2010, which comprised of the implementation of the metropolitan SAMUs SAMU Metropolitano I, SAMU Metropolitano II, and SAMU Rio; and the second that began in 2011 with the implementation of SAMUs in three periphery regions - SAMU Baia de Ilha Grande, SAMU Centro-Sul, and SAMU Medio Paraiba.
The first two SAMUs implemented in the state were regional, as were the three implemented in periphery regions, whereas the SAMU Rio was municipal.
The regional SAMUs in Rio de Janeiro initially differed from the SAMUs in other states, which were generally implemented in the most populous municipalities that benefitted from greater financial resources and enjoyed better health care services.
The other SAMUs in the state work in partnership with the Firefighters Corps.