San Diego National Wildlife Refuge

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San Diego National Wildlife Refuge

Address:13910 Lyons Valley Rd, Suite R
Jamul, CA 91935

Established: 1997.
Location:Southwest California, about 15 miles southeast of San Diego.
Activities:Hiking, wilidlife observation, eductional programs.
Special Features:A number of threatened and endangered plant species exist on refuge lands including San Diego mesa mint, San Diego button celery, California Orcutt grass, Otay Mesa mint, Del Mar manzanita, and Orcutt's spineflower.
Habitats: 4,224 acres of mainly coastal sage scrub, chapparal, freshwater marsh, oak woodland.
Access: Limited; contact refuge office.
Wild life: Least Bell's vireo, coastal California gnatcatcher, quino checkerspot (butterfly), and San Diego horned lizard.

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TPL will subsequently convey the property into public ownership as an addition to the new San Diego National Wildlife Refuge, which is scheduled to be formally designated later this month.
Rancho Jamul is a top priority for both the United States Fish & Wildlife Service and the California Department of Fish & Game that will contribute to the Otay-Sweetwater Unit of the San Diego National Wildlife Refuge.

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