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Yemen: see SanaSana,
or Sanaa
, city (1994 pop. 954,448), capital and largest city of Yemen. The city lies inland on a high plain (alt. 7,250 ft/2,210 m) and is connected to the Red Sea port of Hodeida by road.
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and U.K.-backed Arab coalition has stepped up airstrikes on Yemen since Saleh's death as Houthi forces have tightened their grip Sanaa.
On Sunday night the Saudi-led coalition killed nine civilians in an air strike outside Sanaa.
An army officer told Xinhua that "the Saudi-led fighter jets pounded about 15 positions of the Shiite Houthi group and their allies in Sanaa with more than 55 rounds of airstrikes."
He fled in March, after Iranian-backed Houthi rebels seized the capital Sanaa in September and then thrust into central and south Yemen.
According to security officials, air strikes overnight, at dawn and during the morning targeted weapons depots and other military facilities north and south of Sanaa, a sprawling city of four million people.
According to Sputnik Russian News Agency, the plane was in Cairo awaiting permission to fly to Sanaa. The aircraft could not take off as the coalition forces had not given landing permission to the plane.
The suicide bombers targeted two mosques attended by Huthis, who have seized the capital Sanaa.
SANAA - A first Iranian flight landed in the Yemeni capital on Sunday, a day after officials from the Shiite militia-controlled city signed an aviation agreement with Tehran.
Emirates flight 961 leaves Dubai daily at 7:15am and arrives in Sanaa at 9:00am.
SANAA: Fighting that rocked Sanaa for the past five days spread beyond the capital on Friday as Yemeni tribesmen opposed to the rule of President Ali Abdullah Saleh seized a Republican Guard military camp in battles that left dozens dead and prompted air strikes by government warplanes, according to a tribal leader.
State news agency Saba said tribal chiefs, clerics, civil society figures, youths and supporters from the countryside were streaming into Sanaa on Thursday in response to the longtime president's call for a show of solidarity.