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(also Abu al-Majd Majdud ibn Adam). Born 1070 in Ghazni; died there circa 1140. Persian and Tadzhik poet.

Sanai was the creator of the genre of didactic religious poetry, which expounds dogma and illustrates it with parables and anecdotes drawn from history and daily life. Until about the age of 40, Sanai lived in various cities of Khorasan, writing panegyrics and works of a hedonistic character, including verses and the long narrative poem Tale of Balkh (c. 1105). After undergoing a religious conversion, he wrote a long poem entitled The Journey of the Servants to the Place of Return. In 1125 he returned to Ghazni, and in 1131 he wrote his major work, The Garden of Truth, a long, didactic religious poem, which served as a model for many later poets, including Nizami Ganjevi. Sa-nai’s works reflect some of the teachings of moderate Sufism. His utterances against tyranny are worthy of note. Sanai’s poetry contains elements of the mannered rhetorical style, later developed in many Eastern literatures.


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Sanai and Bzeizi compiled data from 39 studies and found that the sensitivities of various diagnostic tests in patients with TB peritonitis were 38% for an abnormal chest radiograph and 53% for a positive purified protein derivative test.
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Sanai, the ancestral Sufi poet, said, "First I wrote books with great painstaking care--eventually I broke my pens in complete bewilderment." In the great spiritual narrative of Abraham, Sarah, and Hagar, there are times when we are called, like Moses, to be liberators--and there are times when we are called to be the burning bush.
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