Sanatana Dharma

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Sanātana Dharma,

“eternal truth.” [Hinduism: Parrinder, 122]
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While interviewing a candidate for the post of teacher, I asked her what Sanatana Dharma meant.
The ex-students of Sanatana Dharma (SD) College, Alappuzha, Kerala, who live in Qatar have formed an alumni forum.
In distancing themselves from the perceived orthodoxies and ritualism of Hindu religiosity, many contemporary proponents express their spirituality through the (also Hindu) ideal of sanatana dharma (or the eternal truth/law).
n Graduated from Alappuzha Sanatana Dharma College.
Before the advent of writing, healing was a part of the spiritual tradition of the Sanatana Dharma or Vedic religion.
Philosophers point out that "sanatana dharma" refers to an ancient path of spiritual discipline, which, when strictly adhered to, will ultimately result in salvation.
there is no possibility of a fruitful relationship between the sanatana dharma .