sand box

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sand jack

A box having tight joints which is filled with dry, clean sand on which rests a tight-fitting plunger; the plunger supports the bottom of posts used in centering; when it is desired to lower the centering, a plug in the bottom of the box is removed, allowing the sand to run out.
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Caesars Atlantic City's Sand Box beach bar will open on Saturday, May 22.
Nearby is a jungle gym, a miniature baseball diamond and the aforementioned sand box for the kids.
As the Barenaked Ladies refer to it in their ``Brian Wilson'' song, Wilson at one point placed a sand box beneath the piano in his living room for inspiration.
Beach Boys founder Wilson revealed a sense of humor at his recent solo shows at the Roxy by covering ``Brian Wilson,'' the good-natured Barenaked Ladies song that references the sand box Wilson once placed beneath his piano so he could dig his toes in the sand for inspiration.
Where soil is too hard to dig in, consider building a sand box 8 to 12 inches deep and filling it with topsoil and compost.
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Tenders are invited for Set Of Sand Box Consists Of Following 1 Sand Box Assly.