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, sandal
1. any of several evergreen hemiparasitic trees of the genus Santalum, esp S. album (white sandalwood), of S Asia and Australia, having hard light-coloured heartwood: family Santalaceae
2. the wood of any of these trees, which is used for carving, is burned as incense, and yields an aromatic oil used in perfumery
3. any of various similar trees or their wood, esp Pterocarpus santalinus (red sandalwood), a leguminous tree of SE Asia having dark red wood used as a dye



a lake in the southern Karelian ASSR. Area, 152 sq km. Average depth, 12 m; maximum depth, 58 m. Located northwest of Lake Onega (with which it is linked by a canal) in a narrow basin. Since 1936, Lake Sandal has been part of the Pal’eozero Reservoir of the Kondopoga Hydroelectric Power Plant. The city of Kondopoga is near the lake.



a device for heating dwellings that was common among the sedentary population of Middle Asia, Afghanistan, Iran, Turkey, and other countries of the East.

A sandal is a low table placed over a depression in the earthen floor or a pan filled with hot coals; the table is then covered with a blanket. The members of the household sit around the sandal and stretch their legs under the blanket. People often spend the night around the sandal. In the Soviet Middle Asian republics, stove heating systems have almost completely replaced the sandal.

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