Sandra Day O'Connor

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O'Connor, Sandra Day,

1930–, U.S. lawyer and associate justice of the U.S. Supreme Court (1981–2006), b. El Paso, Tex. Graduating from Stanford law school (1952), she returned to practice in her home state of Arizona. There she was a state assistant attorney general (1965–69) and a Republican state senator (1969–74). Appointed a state judge in 1974, she was in 1979 named to the Arizona Court of Appeals. In 1981, President Reagan nominated her to the U.S. Supreme Court, where she became the first woman justice. Except in cases of sexual discrimination and states' powers under the federal system, she generally resisted judicial activism, emerging in the 1990s as a frequent swing vote between more and less conservative blocs. After leaving the Court, she served (2006) as a member of the Iraq Study Group.


See her Lazy B: Growing Up on a Cattle Ranch in the American Southwest (with her brother, H. A. Day; 2001), The Majesty of the Law: Reflections of a Supreme Court Justice (2003), and Out of Order: Stories from the History of the Supreme Court (2013); study by J. Biskupic (2005); L. Hirshman, Sisters In Law: How Sandra Day O'Connor and Ruth Bader Ginsburg Went to the Supreme Court and Changed the World (2015).

O'Connor, Sandra Day

(1930–  ) Supreme Court justice; born in El Paso, Texas. After taking her law degree from Stanford (1952), she had a private practice in Arizona; serving in the Arizona Senate (1969–74), she was the first woman in America to be elected majority leader of a state senate (1972–74). She was elected to a county superior court (1974–79) and was then appointed to the Arizona Court of Appeals (1979–81). When President Ronald Reagan selected her, she became the first woman to serve on the U.S. Supreme Court (1981). Generally conservative in her legal views, she occasionally took independent positions and for long held the "swing vote" on the issue of abortion.
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Voting with him were Chief Justice William Rehnquist, Justices Sandra O'Connor, Antonin Scalia, and Anthony Kennedy.
But brothers and sisters William and Sandra O'Connor, from Scartaglen, said they'd be spending the night in Dublin to soak in the "atmosphere".
Kelly McMahon, Terry Hinley, Jen Meiklem and Sandra O'Connor donned mini-kilts and partied with thousands of fellow supporters with beer and German food.
Thank you for the invitation to be here to honor Sandra O'Connor and the memory of the late William Rehnquist.
Justice Sandra O'Connor, in her dissent in the 5-4 Supreme Court decision in the New London case, bemoaned the possibility of state or local governments "replacing any Motel 6 with a Ritz-Carlton, any home with a shopping mall, or any farm with a factory.
Meanwhile, as the country debates whether John Roberts deserves to replace Sandra O'Connor on the Supreme Court, the left's greatest fear is that the president's nominee will turn out to be "another Scalia.
Others have asked me if I knew how much I looked like Sandra O'Connor.
Only four justices, headed by Justice Sandra O'Connor, could be mustered for a plurality, along with two concurring and three dissenting opinions.
At the same time, John and Sandra O'Connor were starting their family.
I looked at the woman in the bed and didn't know who she was and I asked one of the nurses where's Sandra O'Connor and she said that's her behind you and I knew then right away that things weren't right.
The second appointment, if it's to replace John Paul Stevens or Sandra O'Connor, would be much more consequential.