cold cut

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cold cut, cold cutter

A cold chisel mounted on a handle like a hammer; struck with a maul.
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Spearheading its latest efforts to capitalize on changing demands, Hormel Foods made the strategic decision to roll out the first nationally distributed brand of 100 percent natural sandwich meat, with the launch of Natural Choice deli sandwich meats in March 2006.
How does Hormel protect against harmful bacteria in Natural Choice Dell Sandwich Meats? By using innovative, high-pressure water-based pasteurization called Truetaste technology, a USDA-approved process that doesn't compromise the meat's great taste, texture, appearance or nutritional value.
Lunch items include tuna, sandwich meats and bread, while supper products include Lean Cuisine frozen dinners.
Glanbia Consumer Meats supplies the UK retail and food service sectors with a range of sliced cooked meats, sandwich meats and other convenience foods.
Notably, more than one-half of sandwich meats (54%) were low fat.
It debuted on Hormel Natural Choice Deli Sandwich Meats last month and will be phased into the entire product line through 2008.
After successful test marketing in Minneapolis and Phoenix last fall, Austin, Minn.-based Hormel Foods has broken new ground in the prepackaged deli domain with its new Natural Choice Deli Sandwich Meats, the first national lunchmeat brand to use a high-pressure, water-based technology resulting in a 100 percent natural product with no preservatives, nitrites, or nitrates.
Eat a hero sandwich in Canada and it's likely that at least one of the sandwich meats comes from Vitto Brand Foods of Sudbury, Ontario.
The new range includes battered chicken nuggets, battered chicken steaks, roast chicken drumsticks, hot and spicy chicken wings, cooked diced sandwich meats, cooked chicken portions, cooked chicken breasts, cooked chicken kievs and raw chicken breast fillets.
Ultra-thin expansion: Downers Grove, Ill.-based Sara Lee Food & Beverage has expanded its Hillshire Farms Deli Select Ultra Thins meat line to include Mesquite Smoked Turkey Breast, Hard Salami and Rotisserie Seasoned Chicken Breast sandwich meats. Doubled sealed in Gladware for freshness, the eight- to 10-ounce packages are merchandised in the refrigerated meat section and retail for about $3.99.
Howard says he expects fat-free to become the new standard for light sandwich meats. "I think it [fat-free] is the cost of entry in the category .
One of the most popular platters is the Ring Sandwich, a 3-foot ring of French bread stuffed with at least five types of sandwich meats and cheeses.