Sandy Island

Sandy or Sable Island,

Fr. Île de Sable, misreported island, New Caledonia, S Pacific, in the Coral Sea some 70 mi (110 km) E of the Chesterfield Islands. Long shown as a sizable island on marine charts and world maps, Sandy Island does not exist.
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The first thing he did was to assure himself that the fishing was good, and then he swam along the beaches and counted up the delightful low sandy islands half hidden in the beautiful rolling fog.
But her body was finally spotted this week in the water near Spurn Point nature reserve, a narrow sandy island which is the last stop before the North Sea.
The rat-like Bramble Cay melomys -- whose only known habitat was a small sandy island in far northern Australia -- has not been spotted in a decade.
Sometimes the stories I create on the basis of my limited ability flow smoothly without any hindrance and sometimes sandy island pops up in the middle and the story gets blocked...' Nevertheless, the dramatic (literally) ending keeps up with the overwhelming quality of the whole theme of quest for meaningful life and readers certainly come out all the more richer for having been involved in the lives of these multi-hued human beings.
"Many people in this region will have visited or know about The Farne Islands and Holy Island, but far fewer will be aware of islands such as Sam's Island near Hexham, Bendibus Island in the River Tweed, or Rocky Island and Sandy Island at Seaton Sluice."
There is the foraging English whaler Richard Spratly, whose discovery of a small, sandy island in 1843 saw Britain stake a claim "initiating a process that led ultimately to the disputes of today"--tensions, Hayton repeatedly shows, will have no easy legal or diplomatic solution (pp.
There's also Sandy Island, a South Pacific sandbar that existed on Google Earth until 2012--when an Australian expedition discovered that it never actually existed.
FEW PEOPLE VISIT EAST KEY, a tiny, sandy island in Dry Tortugas National Park, situated at the farthest end of the Florida Keys.
His work is based on the theme of Sandy Island and explores the notion of nature and sense of place in general.

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