Sangoule Lamizana

Lamizana, Sangoule


Born 1916 in Tougan Department, Upper Volta. Government figure of the Republic of Upper Volta.

Lamizana served in the French Army as a staff officer from 1936 to 1961. In October 1961 he was transferred with the rank of major to the army of Upper Volta. In 1962 he was chief of the general staff of the army of Upper Volta. In 1973 he became a corps general. As a result of the coup in January 1966, he took the post of president of the republic and concurrently head of the government, minister of defense, foreign minister, minister of information, minister of veterans’ affairs, and minister of youth and sports. From 1967 to February 1971 he was president of the republic and head of the government, and in February 1971 he became president of the republic. Since the coup d’etat on Feb. 8, 1974, Lamizana has been president of the republic and head of the government. (Under the 1970 constitution, the post of prime minister is held by a civilian.)

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On January 3, 1966, the military obliged and placed Colonel Sangoule Lamizana in power after Yameogo's resignation.
Sangoule Lamizana, who was head of a government of senior army officers.
In Burkina Faso, the second president, General Sangoule Lamizana (1916-2005), was a former officer of the colonial French army.