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a village in Manchuria 36 km to the southwest of Mukden.

On Jan. 12–15 (23–28), 1905, during the Russo-Japanese War of 1904–05, a battle took place in the vicinity of Sangtiehp’u. Upon the orders of the commander in chief, General A. N. Ku-ropatkin, the Russian Second Manchurian Army of General O. K. Grippenberg launched an offensive to the north with the aim of enveloping the left flank of the Japanese Second Army of General Y. Oku, after which the main forces were to go over to the offensive. The offensive was carried out slowly, and the troops (between three and four divisions) were committed to battle piecemeal; most of the army waited idly for the outcome of the battle for Sangtiehp’u. The Japanese command brought up to five divisions to the battle area and halted the Russian offensive. On January 16 (29), Kuropatkin ordered the Second Army to pull back to the initial attack positions. The failure of the offensive on Sangtiehp’u created an unfavorable situation for the Russian troops on the eve of the battle of Mukden of 1905.

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