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a genus of plants of the family Rosaceae. Members are perennial herbs and very rarely semishrubs and shrubs with pinnate leaves. The blossoms are small and arranged in a dense capitate or spike-shaped inflorescence; the perianth consists of four sepals; the fruit is nutlike. There are approximately 30 species in the temperate zone of the northern hemisphere.

There are ten to 12 species in the USSR. Sanguisorba officinalis (greater salad burnet), a plant reaching 100 cm, with a purple inflorescence, is widely distributed. It grows along meadows, thickets, and forest borders. The rootstocks and roots contain tannins and other substances. Infusions and a liquid extract (with 70 percent alcohol) of the rootstock and roots are used as astringent and hemostatic agents in cases of diarrhea, hemoptysis, and (sometimes) uterine hemorrhages. Greater salad burnet is a fodder plant.

Some species of Sanguisorba are cultivated as ornamentals. A number of its species are sometimes assigned to the genus Poterium. Poterium polygamum, also called sheep’s grass in Russian, grows in the southern European USSR and in the Caucasus; it is sometimes cultivated as a pasture and hay plant.


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Plant specialities include varieties of Artemsia, Astilbe, Digitalis, Campanula, Leucanthemum, Sanguisorba and Zantedeschia.
The formula combines moisturizers with Herbalsilk extract, a natural botanical also known as Sanguisorba officinalis or burnet root extract.
pungens 1, Plantago lanceolata 1, Potentilla recta 1, Sanguisorba minor subsp.
Pimpinela menor, hierba de la enjarretadura, hierba del cuchillo, hierba ge, ensalada italiana, rompepiedras, sanguinaria, sanguisorba, sanguisorba menor, pampanilla, perifolio, perifollo, ensalada italiana, hierba de la garganta, jazmia, pempinela, pempinella, pimpinela (Aragon).
Ornamental grasses are planted skilfully with late summer stunners Echinacea Purpurea Rubinstern, Knautia Macedonica and Sanguisorba Officinalis Red Thunder creating a haze-like mist of autumn splendour.
Sanguisorba minor, Salix fragilis y Spergularia rubra tiene altos porcentajes relativos de proteina, estos polenes son frecuentes en el espectro polinico de las mieles gallegas.