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KAlSi3O8 An alkali feldspar mineral occurring in clear, glassy crystals embedded in unaltered acid volcanic rocks; a high-temperature, disordered form. Also known as glassy feldspar; ice spar; rhyacolite.
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a rock-forming, monoclinic variety of feldspar; it is a solid solution of KAlSi3O8 and NaAlSi3O8, with the content of the potassium component ranging from 100 to 37 percent and a disordered distribution of Al and Si in the structure. At less than 37 percent KAlSi3O8, the structure becomes triclinic (high-temperature albite). In solid solution, sanidine contains up to 5–10 percent CaAl2Si2O8. Sanidine is one of the chief minerals of young extrusive and hypabyssal acid rocks (seeFELDSPAR).

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One variety of lamproite, rich in enstatite, sanidine and phlogopite, is referred to as Cancalite or Cancarixite due to its occurrence at the Volcano of Cancarix (Parga-Pondal, 1935; Fuster et al., 1967), though this term is not generally accepted.
The hyalite-bearing layer is composed of 3-50 mm rhyolite rock fragments mixed with 1-4 mm dipyramidal fe-quartz and limpid sanidine phenocrysts in a weakly welded, porous, siliceous, tuffaceous matrix.
After the analyses, the soil minerals found were: quartz, calcite, sanidine, albite, nontronite, muscovite, montmorillonite, hematite, faujasite, dolomite, microcline, anorthite, anorthoclase, clinochlore and epidote.
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tuff containing sanidine (Wilf et al., 2003, 2005).
Albite, sanidine, Sb and ZnS were used as standards.