Santa Cruz Operation

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Santa Cruz Operation

(SCO) A supplier of Unix systems for Intel microprocessors. They supply Xenix and Open Desktop.

Founded in 1979, SCO became a public company in May, 1993 and trades on the Nasdaq National Market System under the symbol SCOC. SCO maintains its world headquarters in Santa Cruz, California, USA; a European headquarters in Watford, England; a Government Systems Group in Reston, Virginia; and offices in Asia, Australia, Canada, Latin America, and throughout Europe and the United States. In February 1993, SCO acquired IXI Limited of Cambridge, England, the leading supplier of Unix System windowing software.
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(The SCO Group, Inc., Lindon, UT, A vendor of Unix operating systems for the x86 platform. After SCO declared bankruptcy in 2007, UnXis was formed in 2011 to acquire all its assets and intellectual property.

The SCO Group was the combination of two companies: Utah-based Caldera, Inc. and Santa Cruz-based The Santa Cruz Operation.

Caldera was a software company founded in 1994 by Ransom Love and Bryan Sparks. Its primary products were the OpenLinux and DR-DOS operating systems (see DR-DOS). In 2001, Caldera acquired the products and people from The Santa Cruz Operation, widely known as SCO, and a year later changed the company name to The SCO Group.

The Santa Cruz Operation was founded in 1979 as a custom programming house. In 1984, it introduced SCO XENIX, its first operating system, which ran on the Apple Lisa, PC XT and the DEC Pro 350. It later developed only for the Intel platform, and more than two million licenses of its Unix client and server products were sold. In 1995, SCO purchased UnixWare and all the AT&T source code for Unix System V from Novell. It merged UnixWare and its OpenServer product into a single operating system, which was released in 1998 as SCO UnixWare 7. SCO had also offered Linux, but abandoned the line in the spring of 2003. See UnixWare and OpenServer.
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1987 - Hacks into computers of the Santa Cruz Operation (SCO) and downloads software.
Novell acquired the Unix code from AT&T in 1993 before selling it to the Santa Cruz Operation Inc in 1995.
The Santa Cruz Operation Inc's SCO Server Software division has made available the Uniform Driver Interface (UDI) supplement for its UnixWare 7 operating platform.
Popular shared-processor network programs are Digital Research's Concurrent DOS, Software Link's PC-MOS Multiuser, Alloy's 386/MultiWare, Intelligent Graphics's VM/386 and Santa Cruz Operation's SCO UNIX System V/386.
McBride's claims rest on a paragraph in the September 1995 legal agreement selling UnixWare V to Santa Cruz Operation, which covered SCO's licensing of Unix back to Novell.
Novell Inc has dropped its claim over Unix copyrights after The SCO Group Inc released details of a contract amendment related to the 1995 sale of Novell's UnixWare business to the Santa Cruz Operation.
Santa Cruz Operation Inc certainly thinks there's a buck to be made from Linux and has made TurboLinux the first distribution for which it will offer consulting services under the plan it announced back at SCO Forum.
Unix operating systems vendor The Santa Cruz Operation finished off its fiscal 1999 with its fifth consecutive quarter of strong growth across the board.
Most of the features of the AIX-based Monterey operating systems being created for IA-64 with additions from Sequent and Santa Cruz Operation Unixes will be incorporated back into the Power/PowerPC-based AIX, IBM says, and the APIs will be the same.
IBM Corp believes its Monday announcement will offer a Linux application execution environment that can be viewed as the "next generation of Linux application compatibility." The company says that to achieve compatibility in Solaris, Sun Microsystems Inc simply ported lxrun, which Santa Cruz Operation Inc had provided on Unix a few years ago and added some bits and pieces.
The Santa Cruz Operation has announced that its Tarantella application broker is now available for Compaq Computer Corp's Tru64 Unix for Alpha-based servers and workstations.

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