Santa Fe Railroad

Santa Fe Railroad,

former U.S. railroad, chartered in 1863 as the Atchison, Topeka, and Santa Fe RR; opened to traffic in 1864. Construction continued, and in 1880 it reached Santa Fe, N.Mex.; the following year the railroad connected with the Southern PacificSouthern Pacific Company,
transportation system chartered (1865) in California and later reincorporated in Kentucky (1885) and Delaware (1947). Small railroads—known collectively as the Southern Pacific—were built and merged after 1865 in S California to provide
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 RR. The railroad acquired several small lines, and further construction followed; by the early 1890s the Santa Fe, with its 9,000 mi (14,480 km) of track and connections to Chicago and Los Angeles, became one of the world's longest railroad systems. Poor management and a reckless dividend policy combined with the depression of 1893, however, to bankrupt the railroad company, which in 1895 was reorganized as the Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Railway Company. In the 20th cent. the railroad increased its holdings; by 1929 it had 13,000 mi. (20,917 km) of track in the Southwest. In the 1960s a holding company, Santa Fe Industries, was created for the railroad and various subsidiaries. After the Interstate Commerce Commission blocked a merger with the Southern Pacific Company (1988), Santa Fe Industries reorganized, and the railroad emerged as a part of the newly named Santa Fe Pacific Corporation. In 1995 the Santa Fe Pacific Corporation merged with the Burlington Northern RR to become the Burlington Northern Sante Fe RailwayBurlington Northern Santa Fe Railway,
railroad system in much of the United States (except the Northeast) and in S Canada, created in 1995 from the merger of Burlington Northern Inc. and the Santa Fe Pacific Corp. (see Santa Fe RR).
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The group also will look closely at Burlington Northern Santa Fe railroad, or BNSF, which operates a major component of the intermodal network.
It's housed in the red-brick Santa Fe Railroad depot, the very place where Elias and and Flora Disney first arrived with their children from Chicago.
The Missoula facility remains a little-known state Superfund site, one of 18 priority sites across Montana attached to the Burlington Northern Santa Fe railroad.
Police officers, Burlington Northern Santa Fe railroad workers and witnesses removed the pilot from the upside-down cockpit amid spilled fuel.
One runs largely along the rights of way of the Burlington Northern Santa Fe railroad and would depend on Texas Central Railway making a deal with that company.
Temple, TX, July 10, 2014 --( Temple, Texas has been a destination for many travelers since it was founded in 1881 by the Gulf, Colorado & Santa Fe Railroad. Over the years, many members of the community have worked together to welcome visitors & long standing tradition and values, and, onwardly, attract conventions and such - ultimately marketing Temple as the central healthy meeting and growth point for visitors and homesteads that it is today.
We chose the same path when in 1961 we left Topeka, Kansas where my husband had a quality job as a welder for the Santa Fe Railroad and moved to a poor, worn out 320-acre farm we rented near Dexter.
The initial plan called for the crossing to be equipped with signals and crossing gates, along with sidewalks and fences to keep pedestrians away from the tracks, a design that is being put together by Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railroad.
But investment and derivative gains do not factor into operating results, and while profit rose at Berkshire's Burlington Northern Santa Fe railroad and MidAmerican energy and utility units, insurance underwriting results deteriorated.
The petroleum products will be unloaded from the Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railroad onto barges traveling along the Mississippi to 14 oil refineries that Puente said are downriver from Osceola.
She describes how it became a town, the role of the Santa Fe Railroad in its development, early land sales and growth, the arrival of the trolley, the Neptunian Women's Club, the arrival of schools and the fire department, early contributions by women, the involvement of the Manhattan Beach Development Company, the establishment of businesses, oil drilling, the town during the Depression and World War II, postwar expansion, federal projects, roads, the murder of Reid Russell, the William Haines case, architectural aspects, sports and civic groups, the new city hall, the Strand, the development of Manhattan Village and other projects, parks, and historical preservation efforts.

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