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see SanusiSanusi
or Senussi
, Arabic Sanusiyya, a political-religious organization in Libya and Sudan founded in Mecca in 1837 by Muhammad bin Ali al-Sanusi (1791–1859), known as the Grand Sanusi.
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it is difficult to understand how the Italians could have imagined that Sanusiya Shaiks would have preferred them to the Turks who, after all, were Muslims, if not very good ones, and sometimes personal friends as well; especially in view of the low opinion the Arabs of the Near East generally had formed of Italians in comparison with other Europeans.
"The Sayyid's departure was good--bye to many things: to British arms, to Ottoman rule, to the Sanusiya empire, and to Ahmad al--Sharif al--Sanusi (72).
The spread of the Sanusiya continued under the leadership of the founder's two sons, and was halted only by the expanding French power.