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Descriptions of Four New Wasps (Hymenoptera: Sapygidae, Sphecidae).
Ten families of the order Hymenoptera were collected at the relatively undisturbed dry tropical forest of Kiuic Research Station, but not at the more disturbed area of Hacienda Tabi: Evaniidae, Braconidae, Torymidae, Eucharitidae, Chalcididae, Diapriidae, Scelionidae, Colletidae, Andrenidae and Sapygidae. The presence of some families such as Torymidae, Diapriidae and Sapygidae at only the Kiuic collection site may be due to the relatively specific requirements of these families for survival.
Families of Collected at Collected at Number of Hymenoptera Hacienda Kiuic Specimens Collected Tabi Research Collected Station Scoliidae [check] 1 Xiphydriidae [check] 1 Formicidae [check] [check] 30 Vespidae [check] [check] 20 Apidae [check] [check] 27 Ichneumonidae [check] [check] 31 Sphecidae [check] [check] 24 Dryinidae [check] [check] 4 Pompilidae [check] [check] 4 Bradynobaenidae [check] [check] 3 Tiphiidae [check] [check] 6 Halictidae [check] [check] 9 Eucollidae [check] [check] 4 Bethyliidae [check] [check] 3 Ormyridae [check] [check] 2 Mutillidae [check] [check] 6 Braconidae [check] 7 Colletidae [check] 2 Scelionidae [check] 2 Chalcididae [check] 2 Torymidae [check] 1 Diapriidae [check] 1 Eucharitidae [check] 3 Evaniidae [check] 1 Andrenidae [check] 1 Sapygidae [check] 1