Saracoglu, Sükrü

Saracoğlu, Şükrü

(shükrü` säräj`ōlo͞o'), c.1890–1953, Turkish prime minister (1942–46). A lawyer, he became a political protégé of Kemal AtatürkAtatürk, Kemal
, 1881–1938, Turkish leader, founder of modern Turkey. He took the name in 1934 in place of his earlier name, Mustafa Kemal, when he ordered all Turks to adopt a surname; it is made up of the Turkish words Ata and Türk [father of the Turks].
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 and held many ministerial posts, including those of justice (1932–38) and foreign affairs (1938–42). As prime minister, his skillful diplomacy kept Turkey out of World War II until Feb., 1945, when it joined the Allies.
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