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or Sarah,
in the Bible, wife of Abraham and mother of Isaac. With Rebecca, Rachel, and Leah, she was one of the four Hebrew matriarchs. Her name was originally Sarai [Heb.,=princess]. She was childless until, by divine favor, she gave birth to Isaac in her old age.
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Radio homing device originally designed for personnel rescue and now used in spacecraft recovery operations at sea. Derived from search and rescue and homing.

SARAH (search and rescue and homing)

A radio homing device originally designed for personnel rescue.


Abraham’s wife; unable to bear children. [O.T.: Genesis 11:30]


Old Testament the wife of Abraham and mother of Isaac (Genesis 17:15--22)
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After her mother's murder, Sarah finds herself in a near constant battle with rage.
Yet Sarah and her husband Jason were told they would not be allowed an abortion.
If, and how much, Sarah contributed to these designs is unknown--but the first patent was registered the year after the marriage (Sam was already 40), at a time when few patents were granted to women.
Sarah Obama received police protection in her village since her grandson became the 44th president.
Instead, Busby imbues her major characters with their own psychology--from Nico's parents, who cling so tightly to Sarah they do not want to know what has happened to her; to Sarah's frenemy, Paula, who seems bent on unraveling Sarah's return for her own selfish ends; to Nico, who tries to balance her fear of the Sarah-who-was with her love for the new Sarah, all the while fighting her own guilt over being glad Sarah disappeared in the first place.
support Sarah On coming up to the first anniversary of his death, Sarah wanted to think of a way to honour her dad, and so on June 27, she decided to sign up to take part in Brave The Shave.
Sarah is an engaging narrator and the period details will appeal to readers of 14 upwards who enjoy romance and historical fiction.
I cried on the morning of my second wedding as I stepped into the dress, " said Sarah, 33.
Because this time Sarah glided down the aisle more than HALF the weight she'd been on her first Big Day 15 years ago.
Katie said she didn't consider asthma to be lifethreatening until Sarah died.
The event was attended by representatives from the Tyneside Cinema, who have an annual award in Sarah's name; reps from Gentoo, who Sarah worked with on an anti-domestic violence video campaign and Sunderland Echo who reported on the event for us.