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a comic device, criticism expressed through scathing mockery. Sarcasm is the strongest form of irony. Although a sarcastic statement is formulated in positive terms, its negative meaning is immediately made apparent; other forms of irony preserve and develop the positive formulation, expressing criticism only by subtle implication. Sarcasm is always tendentious, merciless, and satirical; irony, when used for purposes of humor, is gentle and conciliatory. Unlike simple condemnation, sarcasm does not explicitly criticize but forces the reader himself to reassess the object of satire:

Molchalin! Who else can smooth things out so peacefully!
He knows just when to pet a pug,
And when to slip in a card.

(A. S. Griboedov, Woe From Wit)

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Sarcasm: You use cutting remarks to lighten a situation or put someone in their place.
That may include humor (or sarcasm), or anger (or aggression), but don't use them carelessly or without thinking through the risks and possible benefits.
Here we examine the use of sarcasm through the lens of populism to understand how this fits within Modi's broader online strategy of political rebranding for new constituencies while at once offering common idioms and innuendo for base supporters.
The next step was to teach the system to identify sarcasm and the researchers found that the algorithm that had been trained to identify emotions through emoji use was better at predicting the sarcasm as well.
This proves quite amusing due to the sarcasm and dry wit so perfectly expressed by Irelan: "He had on a blue pinstripe suit, which authorized him to conduct business anywhere between Boston and Reno.
I do hope he is not in charge of teenagers as his brand of sarcasm is one they hate and is unfair.
Combining the sarcasm and wit of Percy Jackson with the original Greek myths is a great way to hook tweens and teens on the stories without boring them.
Request for proposals on software system to detect sarcasm for the US Secret Service, agency that protects US leaders and major visitors along with the nation's financial system
TEHRAN (FNA)- President Vladimir Putin's top foreign policy aide on Tuesday ridiculed the EU and US sanctions of visa bans and asset freezes imposed against Russian officials, saying Moscow viewed them with irony and sarcasm.
But the Scot, who is in San Diego preparing for Britain's Davis Cup match with the US this weekend, refused to insist social media and sarcasm don't go together and says he will carry on joking.
He gives the ampersand, asterisk, dagger, hyphen, dash, and quotation marks their due, along with the aforesaid marks, but also provides a delightful essay on irony and sarcasm, including ironics and digital sarcasm.